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History of Parker’s

The story of Parker’s begins in the golden age of Route 40, when Pulaski Highway ran as the main passage from the east to west Maryland and points beyond. Farmer Brooks put his savings and a lot of blood, sweat and tears into his vision, establishing high end dining and lodging for route 40’s road weary travelers and the budding community of White Marsh. In 1954 Farmer Brooks launched “Brook’s Williamsburg Inn,” which was an immediate success, offering 50 hotly rented rooms and an all American Colonial styled restaurant. The restaurant portion soon became a favorite among local residents for its delicious meals made with the vegetables Mr. Brooks would grow in the large victory garden that covered the grounds to where the property meets the Byrd River.


The early 60’s brought Route 95 across Maryland, relieving much of the traffic of Route 40. Though the restaurant continued to thrive by its reputation in the community, Mr. Brooks decided to take a rest after a long career and sold the restaurant and property to Steve Karas, and it became “The Williamsburg Inn,” by which it was known for over four decades. In 1973 after sustaining The Williamsburg’s reputation for uncompromising high-end quality for nearly a decade, sold his interest to Tony Konstant. Mr. Konstant passed away in 2010, but is remembered for bringing many wonderful renovations to the restaurant and for serving with unwavering excellence the best prime rib in Baltimore County. Upon his passing, Mr. Konstant’s nephew, David Geer, took over operations of The Williamsburg Inn.


The year 2012 brought the biggest changes and improvements to the area since Mr. Brooks, when Ronald W. Parker, Esquire, acquired interest in The Williamsburg Inn. In the short period between 2012 and 2013 Mr. Parker added two bar rooms, a large banquet room, a board room, and many other improvements, all done with an impeccable eye for style and detail. In 2013 Mr. Parker added a pavilion, large tent, lavishly landscaped courtyard and a third bar, sometimes called “The Monkey Bar.”


In 2014 the venerable Williamsburg Inn was reborn, re-established as “Parker’s.” As a representative and activist for the community, Mr. Parker has a feel for the pulse of what the Marylanders want in and around Baltimore County. He realized that his patrons and the community need a casual upscale dining establishment, that they need something outside the humdrum franchise style, that they need a place to dance when they want to let loose a little, and that they need a place to host their events in the uppermost refined style. With his 35+ years of experience as an attorney Mr. Parker brings humorous vignettes of law to the surroundings of the locale. He appreciates and thanks you for your business and considers all the customers as his guests and deeply requests your comments so he can better serve you. His daughter, Julie helps in the managing the restaurant.